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So.....Friday. Probably one of the best fucking days of my entire fucking life. Oh my god.

I went to class in the wee hours of the morning. The teacher was awesome; really understanding and kind. He was a pastor for a few years, and does hypnotherapy. He met his wife (who is Polish) online, and he told us that he hopes to be friends with all of us by the time the class is over. It made me happy to have a really cool teacher who likes psychotherapy. :D

Until we got to Harpo's, I was really stressed. Drove all the way from Baker to Flint, picked up Morph and was extremely worried because we left at like 2:30, and then we went and picked up Megan...who looked really cyute by the way! We left there around 3:30, when we should've left at 3:00 because stupid Miss Anne just HAD to keep Middle later....grrr. So I was all strung out on our way back to my house because I thought we weren't going to get there in time. I wanted to go to the bank, but we didn't have time. So I got myself ready very very quickly, and there was a little fiasco with Natalie not wanting to go, when my mom had bought four tickets, not just three. So we went to depart, but Aubree and her friends Emily and Rachel needed to be dropped off somewhere. It was taking too long what with the rap music playing and them not knowing where this girl's house is exactly, so my mom finally just pulled over in the neighborhood that the girl's house was in and let them out. We got to Taco Bell for dinner and ate it on the way there, and finally, just in time, we got to Harpo's.

We parked in a lot right next to the place in the back, and we actually walked past their tour bus, feeling all giddy because Kamelot could very well be looking out of their window and seeing us walk by. We got to the entrance of Harpo's, my digi cam nestled safely in the pockets of the new NBC hoodie Morph gave me. There were three people waiting at the entrance ahead of us, and one of the guys started up a conversation with my mom. He said he saw the band in Pittsburg, and had driven to Cincinnatti to see them, and was now in Detroit to see them in concert a third time. He seemed really cool, and showed me the paper with the list of all of the songs that they'd be performing, which was autographed by Roy Khan, the lead singer. He said that if you waited by the tour bus, the band would be more than happy to autograph anything you might have on you. That got me excited, and I was jumping around acting like the giddy fangirl I am when the lights came on and when the doors were being checked from the inside. It seemed forever, until finally, the doors opened.

A security guy came out and said that cameras were NOT allowed, which made me sad, but I listened to what the guy said and returned my camera to the car. I was disappointed, but my view on the whole thing was that if that was what Kamelot wished, then I would obey them more than happily. So, even though I myself and Morph weren't the second people to go in, we WERE the second people in line. So we returned to the car, put in my camera, and dashed back to the front and went inside. They had a metal detector, and I got through no problem, but it went off when Morph went through because he had metal rings on his pants....he also got felt up by the security guard when he was getting his ass patted. XD It was hilarious. We were all giggling at him. We gave the guys our tickets, and then joined up with my mom, who went to by a bracelet so she could drink some alcohol. That didn't surprise me; I knew she'd need some alcohol in her system to get through it; she likes rock music, but metal - power metal - I wasn't too sure of. So it didn't bother me.

There was a thing in front of the actual concert hall that sold merchandise, and Morph was nice enough to buy me this t-shirt.
It merited a huge hug and kiss for Morph. ^__^;; We went into the concert hall expecting to see seats, but instead, it was just an open floor, no seats at all. There was a mosh pit in front of the stage, and several feet back there was a leveled floor with a railing and stuff. My mom wandered off to get a small shot of vodka while the rest of us chatted. I took my old shirt off (I was wearing fishnet underneath) to put the t-shirt on, so I could be all decked out. There was a blonde man with a beard standing by this trash can near the wall that was by the railing we were standing at. That cool guy I mentioned earlier was standing by us, and one of his friends leaned over to shake the guys hand, and at the time I thought nothing of it. They were playing random music while we waited, chatting about things and eyeing the stage in anticipation. There weren't a lot of people there, which surprised me. I thought it was kind of sad, and when Morph said that they might not come to Detroit again because of the small amount of people, I got worried. They weren't even going to come to Detroit, but for some reason, they did. I'd love for them to come back here on tour again. But then, if there were more people, then the thing that happened later on probably wouldn't have.

A guest band got on, and they were pretty good...screaming, roaring, the whole bit. I had to repeatedly reassure my mom that Kamelot did NOT sound like that. They were okay, like I said, and then this other band came on, who were pretty good too. Megan turned to me excitedly, and said 'Tiffany, remember that blonde guy with that beard that was standing over there?' She pointed to the trash can maybe three feet away from us.

'Yeah?' I said.

'That was the bass drummer!!!! That guy that we saw in the front just told me! He was talking to him and everything! He was RIGHT THERE!' Which resulted in much happiness on our part, and me telling Morph and my mom. More people arrived, but not an incredibly large amount. A bunch of people gathered in the mosh pit, and maybe three or four people tried to start a mosh, but to no avail. There just wasn't enough people.

And then, Megan grabbed my arm and pointed. 'Look, Tiffany, look, there he is!!!!' She said, and I looked. Lo and behold, there was Glenn Barry, donning a leather jacket and mingling amongst the crowd. Megan started spazzing, and he had spotted us and I waved to him. He smiled back at us and waved in return, then continued on his way. We both started spazzing at that point...'Ohmygod, did he wave at us??' 'Yeah, he did!' 'I think he smiled too!!' ' ♥ !'

The third guest band came on, much to our dismay. It was past nine, and Kamelot still hadn't come on. Of course, Epica's bus breaking down in Lansing probably had a lot to do with it, our delight, this third band (called Razor-something ((cannot remember their name))) was pretty hardcore. Their interaction with the crowd was something like this:

Crowd: ....wooo?

Up until these guys, people weren't that enthusiastic, but when these guys played....their energy was contagious. When they said 'IS THIS FUCKING HARPO'S??' or 'ARE YOU GUYS READY FOR KAMELOT???' the crowd started getting energized. Their song Through Your Window was awesome....'Through your window I will come, fuck you once, fuck you twice, fuck you thrice' or something like that...the speakers were gigantic; there was about 20 of them, I think. But you could feel whatever was being played resonate through every inch of you, into your entire being. I had never been touched by music in the physical sense before, but I have now. Anyway, the band wasn't Kamelot, but they had just the right edge to keep the crowd going, and I'm grateful for that.

Throughout the entire night, Megan and the rest of us got cups of water at the bar for free, which was nice. My mom drank more vodka though. T__T Ohwell.

And then the lights went out. Fog emerged from the stage. Music started playing. The lead guitarist, bass player, keyboardist, and drummer from Epica came out, followed by none other than Simone Simons.


Simone Simons....oh my god, she was great. I have no CLUE what songs they played (I have only one of their songs and maybe three samples), but she was AWESOME. Voice like an angel and sooooo pretty. I want to look like her when I grow up. XD She was just awesome...dancing, reaching down to touch the fans who had managed to get close to reach up to her from the mosh pit....encouraging us to pump our fists while making the rock on symbol, going 'Hey hey hey hey!' at some parts, clapping, and at one point the lead guitarist wanted us to sing along with some point, Megan grabbed my arm and said 'That's it, we're going down there.' I told my mom quickly that we were going down into the pit which was safe enough to be in due to the small amount of people (I'd estimate that 100/150 people were there, tops....maybe even less). We went down there, and if I had thought I had felt the music while up by the railing, it was nothing compared to being down there. I started headbanging - albeit wrongly - and my neck is sore as hell as a result, but I watched some long haired guy who was in front of me do it, so I imitated him. But still....the music, being amplified by the speakers down was amazing. We were all part of the music, and everybody (well, out of our small group Megan and I did, and Morph did occassionally, but mostly he was just standing there, entranced XD ) couldn't resist it; you had to be moving. It was the first time in my life when I was really dancing, just letting the chords of the guitar and Simone's voice move me in whatever way my body wanted to, whether it was headbanging or just moving.

Middle turned to me and said, 'Tiffany, your mom's got a new boyfriend.'

Me: Oro? *turns to look over at the railing*

Sure enough, there was some guy that I had noticed approach my mom earlier who had started talking to her kissing my mom and her neck, while she had a giddy smile on my face. My first thought was that they were both drunk, and I should probably go and talk to her, but Epica was on stage, and the spell that their music had put on me was too strong. So I turned to Middle and said, 'Hey, at least he's got good taste in music!'

Before we knew it, it was the end of their set. Simone asked if anyone was thirsty and threw a couple of water bottles out to the crowd, told everyone they were happy to be here and honored, all that stuff. Then they told us goodnight and left the stage and the lights came on. My ears were ringing, but I didn't care. I was thrilled, because I knew that soon, very, very, very soon, we were going to be seeing Kamelot. Live. Feet away from us. Those who know me very well will know that Kamelot is my absolute favorite band of all time (see this, this, this, this,, this, and this.) so you can only imagine my if my journal entries haven't made it clear already.

But first, there was the matter of my mom to take care of. We went back up to the upper level with the railing, and while Megan went to go get cups of water for all of us, I went over to my mom and asked her who this guy was. My mom was talking perfectly fine, definitely NOT drunk, and obviously in need of some help from getting away from this guy. He was drunk, most definitely. He didn't say one word to me, only smiled at me and was kind of woozy on his feet. So I grabbed my mom's arm, and said, 'Come on, mom, come hang out with us,' and dragged her off to the bar away from the guy. She told me she'd been trying to get away from him, but because the music was so loud and she didn't want to be rude, it was hard for her to get away. Some guy that I had noticed come between my mom and the drunk guy came over to talk to us. He told me he had noticed that my mom was feeling uncomfortable, and he was trying to keep that guy away from her. I asked him if he could keep an eye on her, and he said he'd try. I wandered back over to Megan, Middle, and Morph, and we all decided that we were going back down into the mosh pit and were going to get as close to the stage as possible. Some Epica fan started talking to my mom and that guy, and we started talking(while Megan and Middle were putting ice cubes in the hood of my NBC hoodie that was tied around my waist), and my mom asked me to go to the restroom with her. I was worried, because they were setting things up on there, and I didn't want to miss it when they came on, so we hurried. I was hurrying so fast, I nearly left the bathroom with my belt still undone. XDDDDDDDD

When I got back, we went back down, and it was easy to get very close to the center stage. But not before Megan spotted an Epica shirt, lying on the floor, all by its lonesome. It was by that cool guy I've mentioned a few times, and she looked around kind of conspicuously, making sure no one was watching, before using her foot to drag it over to her, where she snatched it from the floor quickly and had Morph hide it in his pants pocket.

Anyway, we were very close to the stage. And I mean close. We craned our necks upward, talking, waiting, excitement, anticipation, all building. The crowd was antsy. We wanted to see the band we had been waiting to see all night.

And then the lights went out. There was this Kamelot backdrop, and the words appeared off and on in the dark when the black light came on. The music from the speakers was deafening, but a beautiful symphonic cacophony of sound. That was when we saw the first silhouette. The crowd cheered; it was Glenn Barry, the guy who had waved to us. Another silhouette came out; it was Thomas Youngblood, one of the founders and the lead guitarist. The lights came on, and then, the man that everyone had been waiting to see....Roy Khan....came out on stage. Kamelot was on stage. We were screaming, we were jumping up and down, and they started playing the first chords of When The Lights Are Down. It took me a moment or so for my ears to be able to pick out his voice from the onslaught of sound coming from the speakers, but I heard his voice eventually. And when I did, hearing all of the music together....I felt like I was seriously on the edge of paradise (hence the song I have available for your guys's pleasure to download). Their music touched and filled us where Epica's and the guest band's couldn't. Their music touched us, filled us, moved us mind, body, and soul. Khan was three feet away from us -literally; we were that close - the entire time.

He would crouch by the edge of the stage while singing, pouring his heart and soul into the music, because he knew we had been waiting, and he wouldn't disappoint us. And all the while, his hand left arm rested leisurely on his knee, and the fans were reaching up to him, and I tried to get close, but it was kind of hard, because we all wanted the same thing: to touch him, to touch his hand, because if we did, we would know it wasn't a dream, that it was tangible, that Kamelot was here in Detroit, and they really were playing to us, and Khan really was looking at you and with the adrenaline of that natural high and the euphoria that the music created in you, he became a sensual god - YOUR god, religion cast aside forever in those moments - and those dark eyes of his knew it.

I noticed the wedding band on his hand, and it made me happy. It was good to know that Youngblood, Barry, and Khan were married, and not druggies or alcoholics that were throwing their lives away. They had families, they had children.

The song was over, and we were screaming, making the rock on symbol, and he spoke. Said that they were all very happy to come to Detroit, and were we ready to rock? We screamed; we were all more than ready. He mentioned The Black Halo album (which I have, autographed, btw) and then they began singing the title song. He kept going to the edge, in the center, the left and the right stage, crouching, but denying us the one thing we wanted until he would finally reach out, and he caressed the hands of the fans that managed to get close enough to touch him. He would grab onto the microphone stand and hold onto it as if that were the only thing keeping him together, because if he didn't, the music that moved him, filled him, would tear him apart.

I can't remember the order of the songs, after that. It was all too much; all I knew was that I knew the words, and Megan and I were singing along, screaming at the tops of our lungs, doing the rock on symbol, pumping our fists in the air. Khan would gesture with his hands in a kind of 'Come hither, my children' motion and the audience just screamed louder, and you knew by the smile of satisfaction on his face that that was what they wanted. They played Edge of Paradise, and the music was filling us, moving us, and I think I wrote about this before, but it doesn't matter. We were so close to Khan that if we had gotten any closer, we could feel the sweat dripping off of his face. Youngblood and Barry were amazing; playing their guitars while getting close to the fans; Barry would stick his tongue out in that traditional rocker way, even, a look of glee on his face. I can understand why he would be the one to mingle among the fans. Youngblood and Barry are the band's founders, and while Youngblood, Khan, and Casey Grillo (the drummer) get the spotlight, he's the one who stays in the shadows and makes sure that we the fans are happy. Yes, he has his own following, but it's not so huge that he would get mauled by the crowd, you know?

We thought the Edge of Paradise was over. Then Khan leaned in really close, and said, '...I want you to sing with me now. You ready?' The fans cheered, whistled. Of course we were ready! We would do anything he wanted at that point! We followed his lead, and the guitars played a bit in the background. He stopped for a moment to let Youngblood and Barry do their thing and then leaned in close again. 'Now this time, it's soft, okay? This is the really cool part.' A few people whistled, but got real quiet as he very softly sang into the microphone. We sang along; he gestured with his hand to keep it quiet, and then stood up, and sang again with all he had, the music playing, and then gestured for us to follow suit. The music stopped, and all of our voices echoed throughout the stadium. He exchanged a grin and a look with Youngblood, because he knew we were startled by it, and then The Edge of Paradise started up again; it wasn't over.

They played Forever, I believe, Soul Society, Center of the Universe......and at some point during the concert, during one of the songs (I can't remember which one), he was close to the center stage. His hand was once again just sitting there, taunting us, and he reached out juuuuust a little bit. Close, but too far to reach. I was in the hubble of people trying to get to him, and we were all thinking the same thing: If only we were closer....

Morph had been standing behind me the entire time, cheering, headbanging a bit, getting into it, and making sure I was okay. I think he had the most fun watching me spazz out like the fangirl I am. Megan was beside me and we were both reaching....when all of a sudden I felt Morph wrap his arms around my waist and hoisted me up, giving me that extra leverage. He told me afterwards that he knew I was too short and small to be able to push my way to the front of that small group of people, and that I'd be heartbroken if I hadn't been able to touch his hand. But there it was, and I reached out, and my fingers brushed against his hand.

Even now I still can't believe that I actually touched Roy Khan. I was freaking out when Morph set me back down, satisfied that his job was done, ecstatic.

I think at one point when he was talking, he mentioned the DVD, and people cheered. 'It really was one damn cold winter's night,' he said, and then proceeded to introduce the new member of the band: the keyboardist Oliver Palotai. He started playing a song on his piano, and everyone was cheering, and when he started playing this fast-paced part of the song he was playing, everyone began clapping, encouraging him on. He did not disappoint; in fact, he is a great addition to the band now. :3

At some other point he introduced the members of the band:

Oliver Palotai - Keyboardist
Glenn Barry - Bass guitarist
Casey Grillo - Drummer
Thomas Youngblood - Lead Guitarist
and last, but certainly not least,
Roy Khan - Vocalist

All of them got their own round of applause, screams from the fans, enough to make them WANT to come back to Detroit. Our group was small, but let me tell you one thing: We fucking brought the house down. This small babble of fans was even more enthused than a stadium of 800 people. Probably not true, but we fucking loved them and we weren't afraid to show it. People even screamed out 'DETROIT LOVES KAMELOT!!!' and 'ROY KHAN, WE LOVE YOU!!!!'

Casey did his drum solo, then, which kicked ASS, let me tell you. Everyone was headbanging and moving to the beat he gave us. It was amazing...this guy is from Florida, the US, so he was one of our own, and we did our best to make him feel like he was coming home, because we screamed his name, cheered, know, the usual.

Khan came back on and the first chords of The Haunting(Somewhere In Time) came on. Everyone went NUTS. It was insane....and people even went crazier when Simone Simons came on to sing her duet with Khan. Their voices blended so well together; it was amazing. Barry managed to even play his guitar part with one hand while he reached out to touch some of the fans; Simone did the same thing while Khan sang at one point. When the song was finished, he asked us if we liked that song, and everyone responded accordingly. He then said that it was a short one and that they were going to sing another short one. 'It isn't pleasant,' he said. 'It's about death and dying...the song is called Momento Mori.' I screamed particularly loud at that, because that has to be my favorite song of theirs (Moonlight comes very very close, but this song....this song is pretty much 9 minutes long). People cheered and whistled when he sang the first view verses, and oh was just crazy. Everyone was headbanging, moving, and he was relishing in it, because he fell to his knees and leaned back, his arms outstretched, and I think our cheers and whatnot touched him then with electrifying clarity. It touched all of them, because we chanted 'Hey hey hey hey!' when Youngblood played; it was a frenzy full of music and sound.

And then, it got silent. As the final verses of the song began to be played, everyone was quiet. The lines are as follows:

Some day we will come to peace
And reach beyond behind the lies
And I will await you
Until I close my eyes
Close my eyes
Close my eyes....

It was dead silent. Khan's voice echoed off of the walls, and when he finished, it erupted with cheers. It was amazing, let me tell you that. He also sang Abandoned at one I've said, most of it is a jumble of ecstatic memories.

Their last song was Farewell, which I thought very appropriate at the time, and when they were finished, after having made us clap and scream louder - he always wanted us to scream louder - they said thank you, goodnight, and left the stage, the sweat dripping from their faces; but they were happy.

Then the people next to me started it. Something I probably should have expected, but didn't.

'KAMELOT, KAMELOT, KAMELOT, KAMELOT...' Chanting. So everyone joined in. Those of us on the mosh pit stomped our feet, pumped our fists. Soon the whole place was full of chanting, demanding more; we needed more, this couldn't be the end, not yet! We waited, chanting, screaming. The group at the railing started to falter, and they started cheering, accepting the fact that they wouldn't come out. But us in the mosh pit...oh no, we wouldn't take no for an answer. We continued, watching stage right in anticipation, knowing that they would come out. They just had to!

'So, you guys want more?' Came Khan's voice. We couldn't see him; it was dark, but it was as if his voice had come from heaven; he was our god speaking to his people. Screams and cries of ecstatic happiness. They came back on, still sweaty, maybe even tired, but they couldn't give a shit. This was Detroit, we were their fans, and they couldn't deny us anything just as we couldn't deny them. I can't remember the other two songs they played for us (maybe you remember, Morph?), but we were still pumping our fists, cheering, egging them on. Khan was letting the music move him again, becoming once again that figure who was filling our souls with ecstasy with his song.

One of the songs ended, and he went off the stage while Barry and Youngblood finished the song. All of a sudden, the first chords of The March of Mephisto came on, and out of the darkness emerged Khan, donning the very same black coat from the music video. If we had thought he was in his element before....boy, were we in for a surprise. Just the way he moved and sang, gripping the microphone stand, letting the coat billow behind him as he sang, leaning so close to the fans we probably could have 'eaten breakfast off of his stomach' (as Morph put it), letting his eyes scan the crowd, seducing every one of us, male and female. Near the end, he motioned for us to pump our fists and go 'Hey hey hey hey!' like they do in the song, and we were more than happy to oblige. Youngblood and Barry were playing ecstatically; Barry at one point even held the end of his guitar out so fans could touch it. And as we stomped in time to the music, Khan stood on the edge of the stage, threw his head back, and drew his arms outstretched to his sides. I think then, that that was when I really realized that he truly was our God, he knew it. He was Mephisto, and we were his army, and it was just glorious. Clairey, Marina....just picture it. Seriously. It evoked deep emotions within each of us.

It was the last song, after that. He said they had written it in dedication of all of the people who had helped them get where they were now, but ESPECIALLY for the fans. It was their gift to us, and it was a soft piano peice, with beautiful lyrics. We whistled, but it was mostly quiet, then. He said that they had wanted to put it on The Black Halo but were unable to. But it was for us. When that song ended, they really said goodnight, all of them blowing kisses to us. Youngblood and Barry were throwing guitar picks out to the crowd (Morph got one; it landed on his arm ironically enough), and Casey even threw his drumsticks out to the crowd, with a huge smile on his face. Then, at last, they departed, and everyone began leaving.

We all were still extremely buzzed with adrenaline. I couldn't talk, my neck was killing me, and I learned eventually that I had a bruise on my arm from pumping my fist via 'Rock on' all night. I couldn't give a damn; I was high on music and I didn't care that I my ears were still ringing. It was amazing.

That cool guy from earlier asked us if we liked it...'HELL YEAH!' I tried to say, but it came out wierd. Oh well, a 'Rock on' symbol was enough. I was tempted to stay later because the guy said if we waited by the tour bus they'd sign stuff for us, since most of the fans were long gone, it would've been much more personal, but Megan and Middle wanted to go home. Oh well. I had touched Khan's hand, and I already have their autographs and two guitar picks. My mom drove home, and it was kind of scary because she was a bit tipsy, but we got home in one peice thank god. Although, that moment, I didn't care if I died or not. If I did, I would've died happy. I had seen Kamelot, Morph was beside me, Megan was with would have been okay. That night I truly was on the edge of paradise.

Drove Middle and Megan back home, then drove to Morph's house. Told his mom all about it (although I don't think she really cared), ate some ramen and veggies, and then went to bed, because at that point the high was gone and exhaustion had kicked in.

Slept in, got up, and we went to the movie theater and saw Jackass II which was pretty favorite skit was the one where the guy dressed as the devil got thrown up out of that hole with a sign that said something about kicking god out of California. XDDDDD

Got veggie pizza for dinner, and ate it while watching Ringu, which was good. Better than the US version. I left after that, and it was awesome. At one point during the day, I teared up a bit because I really really realized that we had seen Kamelot in concert. XDD Yeah, I'm a dork.

That was my weekend! It was AWESOME; I really wish you and Marina were there, Clairey, I really do. When they go to tour the UK sometime, we'll plan around it, yes? So we can see it together. :3 And if we can get Marina from Spain to the UK too, then it'll be absolutely perfect.

I better get to work now; I'll update with more pictures later on, so check back to this entry for more edits.

♥ !!!!!!

EDIT: Thanks to Kazzman (that cool dude from Pittsburg I've mentioned like three times already who is on the Kamelot forums), here is the lineup of the songs that they played:

When the Lights are Down
Soul Society
Edge of Paradise
Center of the Universe
The Black Halo
Keyboard Solo
The Haunting
Memento Mori
Drum Solo
(This was when we all demanded an encore and were chanting 'KAMELOT, KAMELOT!')
March of Mephisto

Front of this little card we got at the merchandise booth

Back of this little card we got at the merchandise booth (I am so buying this DVD/CD when it comes out).

The ticket!!!!!

Back of The Black Halo CD (sorry about the glare in these pictures)

Front of the CD

CD case

March of the Mephisto and When The Lights Are Down

The Haunting (Somewhere In Time)

Roy Khan picture (the glare in this looks cool; almost like he's using magick or something)

Soul Society

Thomas Youngblood picture


Glenn Barry picture

The Black Halo credits

This Pain

Casey Grillo picture

Moonlight and The Black Halo

Nothing Ever Dies and Momento Mori

Serenade and a word to the fans

And a little goodie for you guys:

Kamelot - The Edge of Paradise

Enjoy, and rooock on!!!
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