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Yes, I'm FINALLY posting my update on Youmacon 2006. Three or four weeks late, but real life is a bitch.

But first, you need to watch this.



Here it is.

I got off work, drove home, got my stuff together and drove Lacie out to my dad's house. I dropped her off, and on our way there, I told her about the SAW movies, which she wants to see now. I love my baby sister so much ♥ A wierdo, like me! ^_^ Then I went and picked up Danielle and got a little lost in her subdivision, but I found my way. I got to see Gunnar; he's so big now! And likes to give kisses. A huge change from the puppy I knew before who would scratch and bite a lot.

We went to Kelly's house after that, and Danielle ate brownies and I ate left over pizza and crazy bread and we went down into Kelly's basement and I helped her start up her file on Kingdom Hearts. We watched the opening sequence twice, because Kelly came and she just HAD to see it or something wierd like that. I can't remember. I like the opening sequence, and I love the song, don't get me wrong (ha, that rhymed), but I've had to watch it one too many times. Anyway, we hung out, Kelly and Danielle worked on their cosplay and I worked on my SAW fanfiction, and then we went to bed.

We woke up at some ungodly hour of the morning, and we let Danielle sleep a bit longer while Kelly and I ate breakfast. I fixed myself some ramen with an egg in it, and that woke me up. Danielle got up, and we all got ready, packing our stuff up (I forgot my pajamas XDDDD ). I had made sure to buy batteries for my digital camera, and I could put my memory card in Kelly's laptop, so it was all good.

Megan arrived, and we split up. Danielle and Kelly went to go pick up Schreiber and put gas in the car. I went with Megan and Middle to go pick up Kym, and we also put gas in the car. We left for the Hilton hotel in Troy, and we got there before Kelly and co. did. Kym's stuff was in Megan's car while mine was in Kelly's. We parked next to a fangirl car. Now, when I say fangirl car, I mean it. They wrote "ANIME RULES" on their windows, as well as "YOUMACON 2006" and "FANGIRLS RULE". The people next to us pulled out, so we loitered in the open parking space until Kelly got there. We went into the hotel (I took my camera, because I KNEW I was going to see cosplayers), and OH MY GOD. It was SO COOOOL. I've never been to an anime convention before in my life, so you have to understand that seeing cosplayers walk around and stuff and hearing the Spoony Bards (a musician group that plays anime and video game music) play songs I recognized was so cool. As soon as we walked in, the Millenium cosplay group from Hellsing was gathered to take pictures.

A blurry Millenium picture.

The better of the two. I squeed when I saw the Schrodinger's.

We saw a few other cosplayers arrive, and we found out that check in at the hotel would be at 3 PM. It was only 11:30, so we had plenty of time to spare. We were spazzing out and just getting the feel for things. I thought the Spoony Bards were so cool, so I took a video of them.

They were playing Final Fantasy battle music. That is a very crappy look around of the actual environment and atmosphere Youmacon portrayed, but the excitement was infectious. We decided to kill time by going to the Dealer's Room and taking a look around. As we were walking on our way, I stopped to take a picture for Danielle.

Demyx, from Kingdom Hearts II. Danielle is planning on cosplaying as him next year (actually, our goal is to cosplay as Organization XIII next year...I'm gonna be Larxene), and I thought the guitar thing was so cool.

We registered at the counter, and it only cost like 40 bucks or something for two days, plus the 25 dollars that we were all chipping in to help out with the hotel room cost. We sort of wandered aimlessly, when Kelly and Danielle led the way to the Dealer's Room. Before I went in, though, I saw two Aeris cosplayers.

Two Aeris cosplayers.

The Dealer's Room had a TON of stuff....candy, posters, anime, manga, messenger bags, t-shirts, accessories....everything pretty much. I was so overwhelmed, not only by the huge abundance of things they had, but for the large amount of people in such a tiny room. I just looked around, trying to get my bearings and get an idea of what I'd eventually buy later. We all got split up at some point, but we got back together okay. While I was waiting for the others outside of the Dealer's Room, I took a couple more pictures.

Wolfwood, from Trigun.

Aang, from Avatar: The Last Windbender. That little kid was ADORABLE!!! We asked his mom for permission to take his picture. That was another thing that surprised me. People actually brought their kids! I thought it was the coolest thing to see mom's pushing strollers while dressed in cosplay, or mom's cosplaying as characters and their little ones matching. It was absolutely adorable.

After wandering around some more, we eventually returned to the lobby....but on our way....I saw one of the most PRETTIEST girls I have ever seen in my entire life. She was cosplaying as Axel, from Kingdom Hearts II, and was just so prettyyyyy oh my god. I would so have lesbian sex with her if she asked me too. XDDDDD She was that gorgeous. Anyway, we were walking back to the lobby because we wanted to wear our cosplay costumes. Seeing others wear them was making us antsy, so we were going to return to the car and get our stuff. We were walking in one direction, and she was walking in the other, and when I saw her, I grabbed Kym's (I think it was Kym's arm) arm, and said "Oh my god, Kym, look how pretty she is!! Look at her hair, she's so beautiful!" Now, she must have heard me, because when she walked past me, she made eye contact, and gave me a wink while smiling flirtatiously. I definitely had a fangirl moment there because I started squeeing like no other. XDDDD

We went out to the car, passed a guy cosplayed as V from V For Vendetta, and we got our things from the car, returning to the hotel and searching for a bathroom in which to change. We thought we could change in the bathrooms in the swimming pool area, but you needed a room key to get in, and we didn't have one yet. While we were searching, I took another video of the Spoony Bards (those guys kicked ass, I'm telling you.).

They were singing Melodies of Life from FF IX. My favorite video game love song EVERRRRR. :D

We went into the restroom and got our cosplay outfits on. Kym didn't have to do much; all she did was adjust a few things, since she was already in her costume. It didn't take long for me and Megan to get our outfits on, but it took Danielle and Kelly the longest. Other cosplayers came in and we exchanged hellos and stuff. Me n Kym went out to where Middle and Schreiber were waiting to keep them company, since they were growing impatient. A couple of people wanted our picture, and we met a couple of cool cosplayers when we got back from putting some stuff in the car and were waiting for them outside.

Misty, from Pocket Monsters
Nekozawa Umehito, from Ouran High School Host Club

The Misty girl reminded me a LOT of how I was when I was around 12-13 years old. I'd do the same exact pose for family pictures all the time. It made me kind of smile that younger kids are accepted more for these interests now than they were six years ago. The girl that cosplayed as Nekozawa-sempai was somebody we had never met before, but she tagged along with us for most of the rest of the time that we were at the hotel on Saturday. It was great; it was like we had our own little group. It was pretty cool. :3

While I was waiting for Kelly and Danielle to finish putting their cosplay costumes on, I got a picture of this really cool goth lolita I saw.

Goth Lolita

After we got our cosplay outfits on, we went back into the dealer's room. In the end, I bought the following: a Hellsing shot glass, a FFVII: Advent Children Sephiroth poster, Pierrot's newest CD, a huge ass box of chocolate Pocky, two Hellsing CDs, a FMA keychain for Morph, and then I got a print of a chibi Alucard drinking a packet of blood and a Haruhi pin from the Artist's Alley. If I bought more, I cannot remember what else there was for the life of me. XD Anyway, we all got separated again, so I took some more pictures of cosplayers.

African American Sora, who kicked ass
Chi, from Chobits
Integral, from Hellsing
Auron, from Final Fantasy X (he looks high or drunk on his sake or something X3 )

Wandered down the hall and took some more pictures.

Sora & Roxas, from Kingdom Hearts II
Sora, Axel, & Roxas

And as we were walking down said hallway....we say the coolest thing ever.

A life-size Al from Fullmetal Alchemist

There was actually a guy in there...he was moving around and everything. I felt kind of bad for him, because it must have been hot as hell in there, but that was some l33t cosplaying skills. I asked him if I could give him a hug, so I got to. X3

Al & Ed cosplayers
Al & Ed again

So we continued on our merry way....

Sailor Moon & Sailor Chibi Moon

Sailor Chibi Moon was a girl, but....Sailor Moon was being cosplayed by a guy X3 It was hilarious. He switched costumes at some point, too, cuz I saw him as Namine from Kingdom Hearts II.

Alucard, from Hellsing

Freya, from Final Fantasy IX

Vash and Neko, from Trigun

Danielle wanted to sit in on a panel about Organization XIII from Kingdom Hearts II. Since I haven't played the game yet, I didn't want to sit in on it and get spoiled. I've been very vigilant about keeping away from spoilers for the game. I felt kind of bad, cuz the others didn't know anything about KH and would just get confused, so we went off to take more pics and stuff. I felt bad cuz she was there all by herself, but. She had fun, so it's okay. But while we were hanging outside the conference room, some guy wanted to take a picture of us. We were without one twin, but it was okay.

Our Ouran High School Host Club group

While we were waiting for the conference to be over, I took a few more pictures of cosplayers (yes, taking pics of cosplayers is addicting).

Uzumaki Naruto, from Naruto

Miroku, from Inu-Yasha

Then the conference was over, and we had our whole Ouran group together, so a couple of people wanted pics (actually, some guy wanted a pic of me and Megan - who was cosplayed as Tamaki, Haruhi's love interest - which was cool).

Our entire Ouran High School Host Club group

We went upstairs to take a look at the Kingdom Hearts II photo shoot, and on the way I saw another very awesome cosplayer.

Son Goku, from Dragon Ball Z

I took some pics of the Kingdom Hearts II indoor photo shoot...not very good, but oh well.

The Keybladers of Kingdom Hearts II...Riku's, Roxas', and Sora's

Some Organization XIII

More Organization XIII

More Organization XIII

And even MORE Organization XIII (Can't help it; their costumes kicked ass)

And yet some MORE Organization XIII

Kym started getting really hungry and not feeling very good, so we decided to go to Coney Island for lunch. As we were walking out, we ran into Nekozawa-sempai again and exchanged e-mails and stuff. Danielle caught wind of the outside photoshoot for the Kingdom Hearts II cosplayers, so she grabbed my camera (very glad she did cuz she got some awesome pics) to take a few before we left. I ran off to fetch her, and these were the pics she got:

All of the Kingdom Hearts cosplayers

Cute little Heartless

Cute little Heartless again

When I went to go and drag Danielle away from the photoshoot, the Heartless let me give her a hug. ^_^ And said "Look! Someone's supporting my heart stealing! :D "

The girls of Kingdom Hearts II - the Kairi's and Namine's

Roxas, DiZ, Namine, & Riku

Close-up of Roxas, DiZ, Namine, & Riku

DiZ actually kissed Roxas, and it was really funny X3

Organization XIII killed Namine - OH NOES!

The surprise-buttsechs! picture, as Danielle calls it XDDD

So we dragged Danielle away, and as we were leaving, I HAD to take a picture of this license plate.

NERV license plate

We went to Coney Island. Dressed in our cosplay costumes. Which made for some amusing times....I knew people would be staring at us when we went in there, so I filmed us walking in. XD Almost tripped on the CAUTION: WET FLOOR sign, too.

I took a couple pics as we were waiting for our food (I ate nachos XD ).

Kelly & Schreiber



After we left, we decided to check in, and as we were walking through the parking lot, I saw the most geeked out license plate ever.

Obi-Wan license plate

As I was waiting for the hotel people to vertify our room or whatever, I took a couple more pictures.

Greed & Wrath from Fullmetal Alchemist

Greed & Wrath from Fullmetal Alchemist again

It was cool, cuz the Spoony Bards were playing "Theme of Laura" from SH2.

We got up to our hotel room and dragged our stuff up there and we made a sign to put on the door. XDDDDDD We just HAD to, man.

3rd Music Room - Closed, come back later! ^_~ It was hilarious, because girls would walk by and squee like crazy. XDDDD

We went back downstairs and found Nekozawa-sempai, and we had to take at least ONE funny picture.

Tamaki steps on Nekozawa-sempai's puppet

We wandered around....and that was when I saw the coolest/creepiest cosplayer EVER.

Valtiel, from Silent Hill 3 I squeed when I saw him and he let me give him a hug. XDDDD At one point, when me n Danielle went upstairs, some black guy was in the elevator with us with techno music playing from this tape player, and we were holding the door open for anyone else who might need to go up at the last minute. The Valtiel cosplayer ran in with his wheelchair, and the doors closed. We all kind of looked at each other, because the sight was pretty funny....A Valtiel, Kaoru, Haruhi, and miscellaneous charrie all in one elevator together. Then Valtiel started dancing in the elevator and it was hilarious. XDDDDD

Aaaand we managed to track down the other set of twins!!!!

Manga twins and Anime twins from Ouran High School Host Club

Cardboard Mountain Dew ninja

Before & after Haruhi .....Please don't ask about the fucked up look on my face; even I don't know where that came from. XDDD

Haruko from FLCL

Scandalous!Piranha plant

Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon

Roxas & Halloweentown!Sora

We went upstairs to watch the Ouran High School Host Club episode that we were cosplaying from, but I took a couple pics on the way.

Lulu from Final Fantasy X

Because Honey-kun's tail was cute.

J-rock/goth/lolita group

Tamaki & Haruhi (Me n Megan)

After watching the episode, Schreiber had to leave. D: It was sad. We lingered by the balcony overlooking the entrance and the Spoony Bards, and apparently they noticed us, because they looked up and said "HEY! YOU GUYS UP THERE! HAVE ANY REQUESTS?" And, because they had already played one of my favorite video game love songs ever, but not my other one, me n Megan yelled out "SUTEKI DA NE!!!" So they played it for us. <3

We went downstairs after that to check out the DDR machine (which was being used) but I got a few cool pics on the way.

Red XIII from Final Fantasy VII He let me give him a hug. XD

The other anime twins

Sith Lord

Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid

Then Megan and Middle had to leave. D: It was sad. But things started getting really crazy....people kept forming a train, chanting "YOUMACON" and "OTAKU". I joined one at one point, and we almost got in trouble for it. XDDDDDD Apparently it's a fire hazard? Oh well. It was really fun and liberating.

Revolutionary Girl Utena from the anime of the same name

We went to go join the line for the cosplay masquerade (to get in and watch it) and saw the second coolest thing ever.

Link Vs. Raptor Jesus!!!

I also saw....

Kakashi, from Naruto

Then we waited in line. For a very long time. The cosplay masquerade was supposed to start at 7, but we didn't get in till 8:20. While we were waiting, we talked to a girl who was cosplaying as Sloth and these other two girls who kept looking over my shoulder as I was doodling things. XDDDD

I took another picture of the Heartless....

But this time it had a heart!

I got really bored so I ended up joining some random people and played hide and seek for a little bit, which was short-lived, since I didn't know them that well and didn't want to lose my place in line. I went to go and find out what was taking so long. Apparently they were having technical problems, and then I saw him. I did a double take at first, thinking "No, it can't REALLY be him!" which it wasn't, but still! It was cool...

David Bowie lookalike.

So we waited and waited and waited....and then the line moved! And then it stopped. And then it moved again!

And I saw a V!

And then it moved again....and FINALLY, we got in there. We sat on the end, but they had projector screens on each side so those on the far left and right could still be able to see the show. They were having technical difficulties, apparently, and decided to have a little Tetris thingie while they waited....and the winner was some guy dressed as a Jedi. And then things went a little crazy. While the Jedi guy was up there, a couple of Sith Lords ran to the front to start fighting the Jedi, and then ANOTHER Jedi came running up....they were fighting on our side, so it was hilarious. The Jedi and Sith kept fighting...and then Valtiel stood up, picked up his wheelchair and pretended to hit the Jedi in the back of the head. Everyone was cheering, but the Jedi "killed" him, and then a Jedi with a V mask came running up to help the Jedi that was left, and then he killed the Sith Lords and everyone was going nuts. It was hilarious.

Then the Cosplay Masquerade of Youmacon 2006 started!

Sailor Moon & Sailor Chibi Moon doing their skit. Their skit was hilarious. They got into an argument, and Sailor Moon told Chibi-Usa that she wouldn't have sex with Mamoru so then she would never be born. XDDDD

Kyouya-sempai from Ouran High School Host Club throwing flowers to the crazed fangirls

Esther and Abel from Trinity Blood

Kingdom Hearts II skit

This skit, done by some Kingdom Hearts II cosplayers, won the entire competition. I filmed a short clip of it.

Then a Kairi and Sora cosplayer came on and they had a dance-off. I filmed Kairi dancing, because it was funny/people were cheering her on.

The two other anime twins we had seen earlier did a little dance too.

I taped this skit because it was SOOOOO funny. I'm not a big yaoi fan at all, and, I don't like KH yaoi whatsoever, but this was pretty funny.

Chopper and Zorro from One Piece

Izumi, Roy, and Hawkeye from FMA

Yuna from Final Fantasy X....she won a trophy.

Pretty girl in a pink dress. She made it herself, and also got a trophy.

The Kingdom Hearts cosplay group with their trophy. They were so excited....I was happy for them.

Another pic of the winning group.

Our line buddy; Sloth from FMA.

As we were walking out, there was this gay guy who was holding a sign that said "FREE HUGS & KISSES! <3" So I gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek XDDDDD

And had to take a pic of the winning group with their trophy.

Winning group of the cosplay masquerade

While we were on our way back up to the room, I managed to catch the Seras and Alucard cosplayers and get their picture.

Seras & Alucard from Hellsing

AAAND. Remember that pretty Axel cosplayer I was talking about earlier that winked at me? Well, I managed to catch her and asked her if she'd let me take her picture. She said yes, she just had to go grab her props really quick. So she ran off to go get them and me and Danielle were squeeing like idiots and she came back and let us take her picture.

Drop dead gorgeous Axel cosplayer...she's so pretty, isn't she? She let me give her a hug too =^____^=

After that, we went upstairs and got ready for the rave. It was AWESOME. We just let the music wash over us and left once in awhile to get water, but it was awesome. At one point, some guy cosplaying as Master Shake came in and whacked me in the head with his straw XDDD He started breakdancing too. We were near a Roxas and Sora cosplayer nearly the entire time, and Valtiel even popped up once. There were a few creepy old guys, but we stayed away from them. There were two projector screens from before on there, and the DJ's were having wars to see how many people they could get to their side, and typed stuff up even. It was funny. At one point, some guy cosplayed as Mario started dancing and everyone started chanting "Go Mario!" and stuff....and then there was a breakdancing circle which was fun to watch. Raptor Jesus and some random guy did a barrel roll. XDDDD

After a bit, Kelly and I left and we went and played DDR on our very tired feet. We managed to pass, though, and went upstairs. Danielle and I took turns taking showers and then we went down to get my license out of Kelly's car so I could get into the 18+ Mario Party thing. It took us a half an hour to find her car...and I was wearing flip flops, had wet hair, and no coat. XDDDD Kelly told us it was "by a lamppost" which wasn't a very good description, but we found the very, very end. XDDDD

Anyway, we got it and went to the Mario Party thing. It was HILARIOUS. We walked in late and randomly sat down somewhere....and unknowingly became part of Team Hentai. XD Our representative was this big African American guy named Leon who kicked ass. There were games where you had to put a condom on a banana with your teeth, put marshmellows in your mouth saying "I have balls in my mouth", a tea bag game, eating candy bracelets off of each other, etc. At one point this fangirl (who is the equivalent of Boo in the video game) and told some guy that she wanted some yaoi, but he didn't give it to her. When she went up to Leon, though, he grabbed his friend and they started making out. XDDD It was hilarious. Eventually, though, Dani and I grew tired, and went to bed at around 4 AM. The cool thing?

The Spoony Bards were STILL PLAYING. And it was 4 'O CLOCK IN THE MORNING. Those guys kick ass.

We woke up, went and got breakfast from the con suite. We talked with some fans there, and some guy who had a V mask. Afterwards we got our cosplays back on (Danielle didn't, though), and I cosplayed as Billy, the creepy puppet from SAW. I had Danielle take a couple of pictures for me.

Me as Billy

Close-up of me as Billy

I carried a sign around that said "EVIL PUPPET HUGS <3". I got at least around 40 hugs from people. o__o;;; Quite a few people took my picture...this one girl squeed when she saw me(she was dressed as one of the nurses from Silent Hill) and said there was another Billy running around. I found him, but he didn't have his mask. He said he'd left it in his car. T___T I got a hug from one girl who looked scared afterwards and said "You're not going to kill me, are you?" I told her no, that I was really really nice. XDDD Got more hugs...and the African American Sora even gave me a hug ("Oh what the hell...come here. *HUG*"). It was fun ^_^ Oh! And I danced with some random guy in the hallway cuz we were bored.

The pretty Axel cosplayer was cosplaying as Reno from FFVII this time, so I got another picture of her.

Drop dead gorgeous Reno from FFVII

Sailor Pluto from Sailor Moon. I HAD to take a pic of her because there's barely any Setsuna cosplayers.

We went upstairs to hang out, and a bunch of people randomly showed up and decided to do a "Greed's Harem" photoshoot. I had to take some pics.

Greed's Harem

Greed's Harem again

After that, we checked out and left. D: It was sad, but I had one hell of a time and am DEFINITELY returning next year.

I WILL update about Thanksgiving and the Leaves' Eyes/Blind Guardian after I steal pictures from Ed. For now, I'm off to do some more reading.


Date: 2006-11-26 09:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You know what, I didn't get the last of the pictures from your camera - thanks for posting those. ^^ And I agree, that Axel was sooooo pretty~ *swoons* ♥ She was such a sweetheart, too. I kinda wish I would've asked her for a hug, but I was too shy. ^^; Oh well, the next con I go to I'm sure I'll have a pack of people swarming around me. XD

Well, gotta go make dinner now. Hope I can see you again sometime soon. :)

Date: 2006-11-27 12:06 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

What a fun time! Your Host Club cosplay is adoooorable! ♥

Thanks for posting! (However long it took. ;D)

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