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Title: Venomous Poison

Fandom: Spiderman 3 film

Rating: PG-13/R for sensuality...and lots of it. Hee hee.

Pairing: Gwen StacyxVenom/Eddie film version

Summary: After the symbiote chooses Eddie Brock Jr. as its next host, Venom/Eddie decides to pay his beautiful blonde a visit...

Author's Notes: All of these characters are copyright to Marvel comics, Stan Lee, all those guys. Please keep in mind I have never read the comics, and this is entirely based off of the most recent film. There ARE spoilers, so please keep this in mind as you're reading. Read, review, and enjoy!

I want to love you, but I better not touch
I want to hold you, but my sense tell me to stop
I want to kiss you, but I want it too much
I want to taste you, but your lips are venomous poison
You're poison running through my veins
You're poison
I don't want to break these chains
Your mouth, so hot
Your web, I'm caught...

~ Alice Cooper's "Poison"

The Stacey home was one of impeccable taste. Captain Stacey had been a member and leader of the police force for many, many years, and he had done everything in his power to provide a comfortable, safe environment for his family to live in, especially with the rise of dangerous criminals such as Doctor Octopus and the Green Goblin in recent years. The result of such financial stability had given his only daughter Gwen Stacey enough money to pursue her college degree, as well as other interests, and gave her enough footing to buy her own apartment. This was not as admirable as the Stacey house (when compared to the Osborne house, the Stacey home seemed like a dirty old shack), but it was suitable enough for the blonde model. However, it seemed as if purchasing a security alarm system had slipped her mind when she invested in the place. It was a foolish mistake for the police captain's daughter to make, but it was very good for him, at least.

Eddie crouched in the tree beside Gwen's bedroom window, the past three hours a complete blur to him. The whole day had been a blur, and it had started out as the worst day in his entire life. He hadn't felt like so much shit since his father had given him hell for switching his major from athletics to journalism. Sure, he may have stolen the pose of the photo he had given to the Daily Bugle from Peter Parker, but he was desperate. When Spiderman had destroyed his camera, he really had no other choice. The newspapers did not want him, and the only way he could even hope to ask Gwen to marry him and receive her father's blessing would be to get a stable income and prove that he could provide for her. As if that's going to happen now, he thought bitterly. Peter had taken care of that, personally.

Of course, that wasn't all. He had called Gwen, and she had told him she had a previous engagement that evening. Spurred on by curiosity, the young journalist had decided to hang around and find out just who this "engagement" was. To his horror, he soon learned that it was none other than Peter Parker....which only added injury to insult. Not only was he publicly humiliated, his Gwen was taken from him, just like that. Crushed, and filled with a bitter hate, Eddie had gone to the nearest cathedral. Having been born a Catholic, he found some solace within the church, even though he didn't attend church as regularly as he should.

"I come before you today," Eddie had began, kneeling in the front pew, his hands folded as he gazed imploringly to Christ on the cross, "humbled...and humiliated..." His voice had caught in his throat as tears filled his eyes, the enormity of what Peter had done hitting him suddenly.

"...To ask you for one thing...I want you to kill Peter Parker." When he had said those words, he meant every word of it. He wanted Peter dead for what he had done. He had taken everything away from him, and deserved nothing more.

Screaming from behind one of the doors ignited the curiosity in Eddie, and it only grew as he heard the tolling of the bell. That, combined with the screams, seemed to convey a large sense of foreboding, but his curiosity demanded to know what was creating such a racket in a holy place. He crossed the room to open the door, and entered, his footsteps suffocated by the loud noise. There was no one in the room in front of him, but his gaze carried upward towards the ceiling. He was standing at the bottom of the bell tower, and the giant iron bell tolled with a vengeance. His eyes narrowed as he noticed a figure near the bell. It seemed to be screaming, and tore at itself, trying to remove what looked like black clothing from itself. After a moment or two, Eddie soon realized that he recognized this figure.

"Parker..." He said softly, unable to tear his eyes from the spectacle before him. Suddenly, a drop of a black clotty substance fell from where Peter was standing, and as soon as it landed on Eddie's jacket, it moved towards his neck. Startled by this strange substance, he removed his jacket as quickly as possible, throwing it to the side. A moment passed as Peter screamed even more, tearing at the black thing that was on him, and Eddie held up his hand to protect himself as another drop of the black substance landed on his hand. He stared at it in confusion, shaking his hand to get it off, but it only grew, turning into an almost web-like substance. A far larger amount of the black gunk landed on his shoulder, grabbing him. Before he could even do anything, three more grabbed onto his other shoulder and back, spreading across his body rapidly. He screamed in terror, unable to shake the thing off of him. It covered nearly his entire body as he fell to his knees, only his head remaining bare. Eddie choked between his screams as the substance seemed to almost merge with him, become one with him...A huge surge of overwhelming power and satisfaction seemed to overcome him then, as he panted, and a slow, pleased smile curled on his lips as the black symbiote consumed him.

Now, Eddie found himself here, crouched in the tree outside of Gwen Stacey's window. As he reflected on how he had felt once the symbiote had consumed him, he almost seemed to purr deep in his throat. He flexed his clawed fingers, his white eyes able to see in the dark perfectly, his fanged teeth grinning maddeningly. He felt powerful, invincible, unafraid. It also made his devotion, his love for Gwen Stacey more intense than ever. She was sleeping now, only feet away....

Why don't we go visit her? A peculiar voice entered his mind. One thing he had noticed ever since the strange encounter in the cathedral was that this peculiar mental voice not quite unlike his own kept referring to him as "we". He could only assume that it was the blackness - whatever it was- that was speaking to him, egging him on.

I would like that very much...I have always wanted to watch her sleep, Eddie thought in response. Who are you?

We are Venom, the voice replied. Together, you and I, we are Venom. Now, we must not keep her waiting. Let's go.

Without any hesitation, Eddie jumped from the tree branch to brick wall of the apartment building. He seemed to have the same abilities as Spiderman, it seemed...being able to climb up walls and make a far stronger, more reliable version of spider web was awfully handy, Eddie was realizing. Speaking of Spiderman...Eddie unconsciously thought, not being able to finish the sentence.

He is Parker. We know this, I was with him for a time. But he was a reluctant host. You, however...I like you, the voice told him as he crouched outside Gwen's window.

I like you too, Eddie agreed. We need to get inside.

Understood. That other thing that was now a part of him sent part of the black substance through a small crack through the window, and it skillfully unlocked the window, allowing Eddie to open it slowly and carefully. As soon as the window was open all the way, the black symbiote attached itself immediately to Eddie's right hand, and he leaned in to peer inside. A soft breeze rustled the white velvet curtains, and his heart seemed to go faster as he saw Gwen Stacey's sleeping form on the bed nearby. Adrenaline pumped through his veins as his soulless white eyes peered through the darkness. Unbiddingly, a long, snake-like tongue licked his horrific fangs in silent anticipation.

We want to get closer. Don't you? She sleeps so suggested, and he couldn't agree more. He flipped into the bedroom, his feet and hands catching the wall. His grotesque grinning face gazed out at the young blonde, and Eddie - or Venom, as they seemed to call themselves - climbed up the ceiling until he was directly above the blond girl.

Her breathing was steady, and her eyes were closed in slumber. Her long blonde hair was sprawled underneath her, and although a blanket and coverlet was over her, he could easily see what cleavage her pajama shirt had to offer. He could feel his throat tighten at the sight of such a beautiful angel, and a peculiar burning sensation seemed to grow in every corner of his being.

Ah, now this is interesting, the other voice mused. Go on, get closer.

Eddie didn't need to be told twice. He willed himself to slide upside down hanging onto his black webbing until he was inches from her. The foreign part of him gazed on the girl in curiosity, while Eddie took in her features down to the very last detail. He wanted to remember everything about this moment. The scent of her perfume drifted up to him, and Venom shuddered. The symbiote deduced what Gwen meant to Eddie, and if Eddie liked her so much, and in such an aggressive way....well, it would do anything to keep its host happy, and besides, the abundance of aggression it could feel building in Eddie made it very, very pleased. Venom almost seemed to purr as its eyes drifted from her face, to her neck, down to her exquisite figure hiding underneath her clothing and blankets, pausing to take in the glimpse that her shirt had to offer.

Leaning forward, Venom's snake-like tongue traveled from her cleavage, up to her neck, and the side of her face, taking its time. She tasted delicious, in Eddie's opinion, and a primal growl rumbled in its throat as Eddie had to restrain himself from nipping one of her delicate ears in the heat of the moment. Gwen sighed in her sleep, turning her head, and for a moment he thought she would awaken, but he was mistaken. "Peter," she mumbled in her sleep, oblivious to her midnight visitor and what sort of effect it would have on him.

Parker! A growl different from the one before came from Venom's throat as he heard her sigh. He clenched his fists, his claws digging into the palms of his hands as rage began to build up inside of him. How dare Parker steal Gwen from him...even stealing her innocent dreams! The urge to kill Peter, and ultimately Spiderman, was becoming intense. He was so focused on his anger, that he did not realize that Gwen was waking up.

Gwen opened her blue eyes, blinking a few times to dispose of her grogginess, when she was met by one of the most frightening creatures she had ever seen. It was completely black, and a white symbol of a spider was on its chest. Its fangs were razor sharp, and grinned at her, and its white pupil-less eyes seemed to stare straight into her. Gwen opened her mouth to scream, but a black clawed hand covered her mouth. She began to struggle, horrified at the creature in front of her. Much to her dismay, it let itself go from where it was hanging to land on top of her, keeping her from escaping with its superior weight and strength. The figure hissed, and her scream was muffled by its hand.

She's frightened. Let me talk to her, Eddie told the other part of himself that was not Eddie and part of Venom.

Go ahead, it murmured, and Gwen could only stare in terror and amazement as the grotesque face of the monster before her changed and shifted to reveal Eddie's face. Her eyes were wide, and Eddie gave her a shrewd look.

"Are you going to scream? Or will you keep quiet now? I'm not going to hurt you. I'd never hurt you," he told her. Gwen nodded furiously, and Eddie removed his hand from her mouth. "I kind of like to see your lips while you're talking, you know."

"Eddie, what are you doing here?" she demanded, confusion overriding her fear for the moment. "It's in the middle of the night! Why couldn't this wait till tomorrow?"

"I missed you," he said simply, reaching out a clawed hand to stroke her cheekbone. Her eyes widened in horror at the sight, and she recoiled. "Didn't you miss me?"

"Let me go," she said, struggling underneath him. Venom quickly grabbed her wrists, pinning her to the bed and thus preventing her from making anymore sudden movements.

", now. I came to visit you, Gwen. I love you." His confession was rather sudden, but, given the circumstances, it seemed appropriate. Before she could even voice a reply, Eddie pressed his lips to hers in a forceful kiss. A surge of exultation swept through him as he deepened the kiss, pressing himself against her. Unconsciously, he spun some of his black web to hold her wrists in place as his clawed hands ran themselves through her hair. He felt himself harden as he savored her taste, blissfully aware that she was everything he had imagined and more. His lust began to burn deep inside of him as his clawed fingers wandered, lifting himself up as his lips held hers captive, his claws coming dangerously close to the place that he could only imagine and dream about.

I wish Peter were here, Gwen thought as she whimpered, terrified, and the symbiote seemed to pick up on her thoughts of Peter, for the photographer's face flashed in Eddie's mind and he pulled away abruptly, his hands returning to their original place on her wrists. "What was that? Has Parker made you so in love with him that you forgot all about me?" he demanded, his face reverting back into Venom for a moment as he growled, his long fangs foreboding.

"N-no, I don't love him," Gwen stammered, frightened. "He took me out, to this jazz restaurant, and it was all just because he wanted to get his old girlfriend jealous...h-he's just my lab partner, Eddie, I swear that's all!" I just wish Spiderman were here, she thought.

Venom growled, his fangs clenching in rage. Wait, the other self said sternly. She mentioned an old girlfriend. This girl is obviously important to Parker. We need to know who she is. Ask.

Eddie struggled to get his anger under control, and Venom's face reverted back to Eddie's. "....this girlfriend. What did you say her name was?" He asked as calmly as he could.

"M-Mary Jane Watson," Gwen stammered. "You know, the girl that didn't do a very good job on Broadway not too long ago...? W-why is this important, Eddie?"

"...Mary Jane Watson....hmm...I see." He stroked his chin with a clawed hand in contemplation. "Perfect...Gwen, you truly are an angel." He smiled at her, and she gasped as any hope that she had that the real Eddie would emerge left her mind. His teeth were still fangs, though not as sharp, and his eyes seemed to burn with an inner fire when they looked at her, and it reminded her of the look Peter had given her when he had been dancing with her at the restaurant. This in and of itself scared her shitless.

"Eddie...what is wrong with you?" She whimpered. This whole situation was like a nightmare, and she didn't know how long she could handle it.

"It's the new me...I kind of like it, don't you?" He asked, obviously pleased with himself. "I've made a new friend, you see. It's very refreshing."

We have to go now. The Sandman is nearby, and we'll need his help, the other self reminded him. Eddie inwardly growled in irritation, but his foreign friend insisted.

"I have a...pressing engagement to attend to, Gwen," he informed her. "But don't worry. I won't be gone long, and I think you'll grow to like the new me. I'll get you back from Parker. Whatever he's done, I'll make sure to undo." Gwen tried not to shudder in revulsion as one of his claws gently caressed her jawline. "...You'll be caught in my web soon enough, I promise," he murmured, leaning forward to kiss her again. "Don't wait up for me," he growled into her ear. "We're going to have a long night ahead of us as soon as I get back, and you'll need your rest." He sliced the webbing off of her wrists and jumped up to the ceiling, climbing back to the window. "Goodnight, my blonde angel," he said to her in parting, shutting the window behind him on his way out.

Only when Eddie left her apartment did she let the tears flow. She had never been so frightened in her entire life. She buried her face in her hands, debating as she sobbed whether she should call her father, but something...something stopped her from doing so. After all, this was Eddie. Eddie wouldn't ever hurt anyone. Would he?

She turned over in her bed and closed her eyes. It was so much easier just to pretend it was all a bad dream. Gwen Stacey always had it easy. She wasn't going to change her pattern now.

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