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Title: Lips of An Angel - Act One, Scene I
Fandom: The Phantom of the Opera
Rating: R overall for violence, abuse, language, and sensuality.
Summary: The first scene in what is going to be quite a long phanfiction.
Author's Note: This phiclet has a load of ALW influence, being my crack at novelizing the musical, with a dash of Susan Kay and Leroux. This phic is dedicated to two people. First and foremost, to Morph (or Joe, as some of you know him as), for being my real live Phantom and bearing with me and my phangirl moments. I love you so much!!! Secondly, and certainly not least, to Molly aka [ profile] policegirl11, for truly awakening my phangirl tendencies, for phangirling with me, for being like the big sister I've never had at times, but most of all for being such a good friend. ♥ I love you both. Also, please read and review!!!!

I wish I had an angel
For one moment of love
I wish I had your angel
Your Virgin Mary undone
I`m in love with my lust
Burning angel wings to dust
I wish I had your angel tonight

~ Nightwish's "Wish I Had An Angel"

Death of An Angel )

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