twisted_satyr: Photo of Lamb of God's frontman, Randy Blythe, screaming into a microphone like the metal god he is. (Phantom)
Title: Lips of An Angel - Act One: I Wish I Had An Angel, Scene 2
Fandom: The Phantom of the Opera
Rating: R overall for violence, abuse, language, and sensuality.
Summary: The beginning of Erik's story.
Author's Note: Phantom of the Opera and all of its official canon characters belong to Gaston Leroux and ALW. This version is different from Susan Kay's - please keep that in mind....this is my creative input here. Also, I believe that "obscen catea" means "dirty bitch" and "alb gunoi" means "white trash" in Romanian. R&R, my lovelies, as always!!!! ♥

Peace is what they tell me
Love am I unholy
Lies are what they tell me
Despise you that control me

The peace is dead in my soul
I have blamed the reasons for
My intentions poor
Yes I'm the one who
The only one who
Would carry on this far

Torn, I'm filthy
Born in my own misery
Stole all that you gave me
Control you claim you save me

~ Creed's "Torn"

Torn )

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